[English Transcript] Paman Punya Al Quran Tidak? – Ihsanul Faruqi

That day, we with our friends, we usually go to refugee camp. We go to refugee camp to check, and give treatment to the children and to the people there. That day we get the schedule, at the Turki border, still inside the Syiria.

The name of the camp is Ummahat Al Mu’minin. All the people that live in there are the widow of shuhada. All of their husband died in jihad. All of them stay at refugee camp, they are starving, their health condition is really bad. We came to that place, if we came, we always have a team of doctors. They all go in, but I don’t go in the camp, I wait outside, I wait outside.

Usually if I go there, I bring huge ransel bag. 15 kg size ransel bag. I went there, I fill the bag with biscuits or with cake, because there is many children. So that they can cheer up. When I came, I gather them.

Come on children, come here to uncle, uncle want to hear every one of you that can memorize Al Quran, I will give this biscuits. The one that can memorize hadith, I will give this biscuits.

And they all go forward, this surah, that surah and then I give them the biscuits. You know, what is the value of a biscuits? It’s only 2000 rupiah, it’s only can wipe their tears just for a moment. But at least I can see them smiling.

Come here, children if you memorize Al Quran.

So they give their Quran memorization and Hadith memorization. That day, all the children had finished. We were preparing to go home in the car. When I packing up, 3 small children came, little girl, these little girl, is grade 3 elementary school.

She came to me, her eyes looking down always. Brothers and sisters, people of Syam, the women of Syam, they always protect their honor. If she meet a man, she will took the other way. If she make eye contact, they always turn their gaze away. People of Syam, mashaaAllah. They have high muruáh.

These little girls, came to me, “Assalamualaikum.

And I answer, “Wa’alaikumussalam warahmatullahi.

Child, what is the matter?

These children stand quite and then they push each other. And said to each other, “Hurry, ask him.

No you ask him!

You ask him!

So I ask, “Children, what is the matter?

Anything that uncle can help?

These still some biscuits, take this. If you have not get it, I still have some, take it.

Oh no uncle, we already have the biscuit. We already take them.

So, what do you want?” I ask again.


They stand quite, “What do you want?

I thought to my self, these children is an orphan. Her home already destroyed. She will need something. So I asked again, “What do you need child?

Just say it, I will help if I can…

Uncle.. uncle Abu Zubair…


Hmm… Uncle Abu Zubair…

Did you bring mushaf Al Quran?

I’m really suprised. I thought to myself, why she need mushaf Al Quran? I asked her, “Why do you need mushaf Al Quran? What is it for?

Please listen carefuly to this, mothers and also fathers. These orphans said to me, “Uncle Abu Zubair, we really want to memorize Al Quran, but we cannot find mushaf Al-Quran in the camp, can you give Al Quran for us?

At that time, my heart was shock. I can’t help it, my tears rolling down my face, I cried profusely, my heart broke into pieces, broke into pieces. A little girl, that her house destroyed. Her father passed away in suffer.

Said to me, “Uncle do you have Al Quran. We want to memorize but we don’t have Al Quran in the camp.

I cried and I said to her, “Wait a little while, at them moment i don’t have it but when i got back i will bring it to you.

When I got back, I cried wallahi, I’m not cry over her, but I cried because what I left behind in Indonesia. Our children that far away from Quran. We are at peace but I cried for Indonesia. I go home, but my mind is chaotic. I get back to the camp, i bring biscuit in huge ransel, but qadarullah, I forgot.. I gave them the biscuits.

The little girls came again, and I said to myself mashaAllah I forgot, “Uncle where is the Quran?

Afwan, I forgot the Quran I didn’t bring it.

And then she cried in front of me. “Uncle! You already promise to us! Why you dont bring the Quran!!

I forgot, inshaaAllah tomorow i will bring it.

Finaly, and tomorow even I don’t have the schedule, I bring the Quran. One huge big ransel. Not only for 3 children, but for all.

I came, “Waa mashaaAllah uncle Abu Zubair came!!

Yesterday, who ask for Quran?

And the all came running. I gave them mushaf, mashaAllah their face is happy. Know, that I am the one that the most happy.

Fathers and mothers, in there, children risk their live to memorize Al Quran. Wallahi! If you don’t believe, beside our headquarter, our clinic, in the village, in the afternoon. Many children memorize Al Quran, in the masjid just like this. They memorizing Al Quran.

Helicopter came out nowhere and they drop bomb birmir! Building beside the masjid blow up, all the window is destroyed, children thrown away, they bleed they get hit by broken glass when they memorize Al Quran.

Alhamdulillah, that day there no one died but in the month of Sa’ban, in Daraa, dozens of children memorizing Al Quran in a Halaqah. This awful rezim, they launch rocket in some range, without warning, they destroy the building. 23 children syahid while they memorize Al Quran.

I said to you, “In there, our children memorize Al Quran with blood.

I said, “They pay one ayat with one life.

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